Autumn in Donetsk

ImageWell I didn’t wait for this moment…it’s officially autumn:( Summer is over, school starts tomorrow. But a big BUT. Rita, Hakan, Marta and me just got back few days ago from Crimea. It was amazing experience, beautiful nature, beautiful sea and very kind, smiling people. We had funny moments that we will all remember. We spent there almost 6 days and visited sevastopol, balaklava, yalta. Continue reading

30 August: Victory Day of Turkey

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at Kocatepe

I want to inform you about the upcoming Victory Day of Turkey, which is the anniversary of official ending of Independence War of Turkey.

The Greek army had to retreat as a result of Battle of Sakarya, which happened in 23 August – 12 September 1921. It was the biggest success of the Turkish army after a long time. After Battle of Sakarya, Mustafa Kemal -not Atatürk yet- was given “marshall” and “war veteran” titles by Grand National Assembly of Turkey. After that date, the Turkish army decided to send the Greek army away from Anatolia in the way of a war strategy called “SAD”. Continue reading

The Talking Tree

ImageThe hole idea for this project started with Victoria ( miss you princess :* ). This crazy British girl had an amazing idea : to create an Eco-friendly community  garden including a space for plants,art and games, with the
participation of local youth through informal educational workshops using  recycled materials. Continue reading

Things I can´t avoid missing…

This is a picture of carpets made of colored salt, which cover all the main streets in Viana´s waterfront

I was born in a seaside village on north Portugal and, as everybody from my hometown, we wait for this day all year. I´m talking about Romaria da Senhora da Agonia in Viana do Castelo.

Despite the religious connection (we are Catholic, and this Holiday is in respect of a Saint called Agonia) this holidays are also about art, culture, traditions, ethnography and an amazing affection to this wonderful city. Continue reading

Trip to svyatagorsk

Hey guys. Weekend is near. Karina, Irina and me are going to kids camp in Svyatagorsk. Appareantly the camps theme is volunteering and human rights (i hope i understood it good). On Sunday afternoon we will play with the children: team building games, energisers, and get acquainted with their camp activities. Beside this appareantly there is a possibility for believers to be hosted by the monks and to spend time with them, pray with them. I am so excited by this. And of course for practicing my very poor russian:D . More infos on this little adventure when we return, at the beginning of next week,

Theatre Club and Workshops

Soooooo, September is coming. And with September come my workshops 😀

Yeah, i know, everyone is going crazy because of it but settle down…

On the first half of my EVS i haven’t had the opportunity to actually create a theatre club and present something because time was short. Even though the workshops were

AMAZING (actual quote from 100% of the students!) Continue reading

History CLub

I will try to sum up the idea of the History Conversational Club. As a former student of contemporary history and international relations i thought it would be quite fruitful to “open” a conversational club on contemporary issues, of course the ones mainly concerning our continent (don’t get me wrong, I never underestimated the peace/conflict issues of the Middle East for example or the humanitarian disasters from Africa and not only but you know the good old saying “the narrow a topic is the better/deeper can be approached”) . Continue reading

When you think you have seen it all…no way! You´re in Ukraine :)

IMG_20130709_213226Svetlana told us about a bar…and, the story seemed too incredible to be truth so…we decided to check it!

Of course, we needed to see this!  So, I, Rita and Irina started to walk and search for a bar called “Свинья” ( “Pig”) because, by the story she told us, the manager of the bar is a pig. That´s right! A pig! Can you believe it? We didn´t… (Sorry Svetlana!) Continue reading